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“Five stars all the way. From the lovely people in the office to the polite, on-time and friendly cleaners, to the finished product, this place rocks! The two people who cleaned our house (after a very messy construction project) worked quickly, efficiently, and were extremely thorough. I am looking forward to having them more regularly, as I think it is my new addiction. Do not hesitate to call Clean Sweep — they are worth every penny.”

– Susan L., Lafayette

“The Clean Sweep connected us with wonderful cleaners whom we love and hope to work with indefinitely.”

– Mary M., San Francisco, CA

“We’ve used this company for many years. Laura and everyone in the office is very nice and helpful. We’ve changed cleaners a few times and it’s nice having this company to make the changes for you. I’m very happy with our service!”

– Liberty E., Danville, CA

“I have used the services for many years. They are quite flexible on scheduling and very responsive. You can keep having the same people come for housecleaning.”

– Evelyn W., San Ramon, CA

“I did a lot of research before picking a cleaner to do my move out clean. I called these guys and I got Joel who came and did the most thorough cleaning job I’ve ever seen in my life.

He showed up early and cleaned everything, even things I didn’t think were possible to clean. And when the property manager nit-picked about some little things that got missed, he went back on his own dime and cleaned further!!! This guy was the best, and I can’t recommend him enough.”

– The Tall One Y.

“I have used this company to clean my house before a move in. Eduardo and his crew did an amazing job and I decided to hire them on a weekly basis. They are very professional, polite and clean the house to the highest level. Laura at the office is very kind and helpful!!!!

The prices are very fair and I recommend them to anyone that needs a cleaning service company.
Thank you so much Guys!!”

– Rinat R., Walnut Creek, CA

“Just had Joel and his team over yesterday to do our windows. They spent over 4 hours doing inside/outside and tracks. It’s so nice to look through clear windows finally. They did a thorough, professional job. I will definitely plan to use them again. Great job at a great price!”

– Ed F., Clayton, CA

“Clean Sweep is great! My fiancé and I recently moved into a 4BR/2BA house from a 1BR/1BA apartment. We were barely able to keep our 1BR/1BA apartment clean, so, obviously, we were immediately overwhelmed by the upkeep and cleaning. Since we are avid yelp users, we depended on yelp to find a new housecleaning agency.

After a quick yelp search, we had a few contenders, but finally settled on The Clean Sweep Housekeeping Agency. The Clean Sweep had great customer service on the phone, were very affordable, and were able to accommodate our date/time requests.

We were assigned Felipe and Tomasa. They were very friendly, showed up on time, and did an amazing job! In two and a half hours, they did so much – it would have taken us a week to do on our own! So impressive! We were so happy with the service that we called back and immediately asked to set up something routine. Thankfully, we were able to arrange something!”

– Irene L., Orinda, CA

“These ladies are great! They put time and effort into my house that is above and beyong what they are being asked. I am VERY happy with this service!”

– Maureen M., Pleasant Hill, CA

“I love The Clean Sweep. Laura set us up for a cleaning with Juan and Elena and the house looked amazing! She even organized my shoes in my closet! You can tell they go above and beyond when they come to your house.

Booking is easy and they go out of their way to get you someone on the day you requested. This is the place to call for great service and cleaning.”

– Elizabeth E., Dublin, CA

“This review is for Clean Sweep’s deep cleaning service provided by Mr. Sotomayor and his wonderful crew. Generally my reviews are long…way too long. Few words are necessary this time.

Every aspect of this much-needed cleaning far exceeded my expectations. Despite several additional hours spent by the crew making my home spotless (including scrubbing walls, ceilings, floors, etc.) there was no increase in the price.

How often does that happen anymore?

Everyone was so professional, conscientious, and polite. They were so respectful of the fact that I work from a home office, giving me a clear estimate of when they would be cleaning this part of the house so that I could plan my day. They were so quiet too; the only real sound was of the vacuum and very quiet voices.

Getting advice on what service would be best for my needs was easy too. When you call Clean Sweep, you know that your needs and concerns are being heard, and that the advice given is sound.

I nearly forgot to mention that everyone, from the office staff through the crew boss to the delightful ladies who did much of the cleaning, are friendly and respectful.

I’ve become a return customer for sure.”

– Parlando R., Lafayette, CA

“This was my first experience with professional housecleaning services and I was pretty pleased. The staff I spoke with on the phone were very helpful and efficient – they got me an appointment by the end of the week that fit into my schedule and I was very happy with the service I got there!

I had a husband/wife team come and clean my house yesterday. A very nice couple who did an excellent job with the areas they covered in my home. And I felt the price I paid was very fair for the work that was done…

Overall would recommend trying them. I feel they are very reasonably priced and courteous. However I would strongly recommend doing a thorough survey of your home to make sure that everything was done to your satisfaction (before they leave)!

– Sonali P., Dublin, CA

“I cannot say enough good things about The Clean Sweep!

I have used this company for years – often on short notice. Whenever I call for service, I always get a return call, usually within minutes, with confirmation of the time, etc. The costs are very reasonable. I’m fairly certain that over the years most of the crews available have cleaned my house always with the same excellent results.

My house is big and on 3 levels – so not the easiest to clean yet they always do an outstanding job. I have no problem with them cleaning when I am not at home – on a couple of occasions they even left some spare change they found on my bed!

The Clean Sweep falls into the very small group of companies that I am always confident will exceed my expectations. And my standards are pretty high!

Thank you for making my life easier.”

– Joseph M., Martinez, CA

“Laura at Clean Sweep was a lifesaver! She scheduled the carpet cleaning and cleaning services for the move out for my apartment, the SAME DAY I sent in a request for proposal. I couldn’t be more impressed.

She was also very kind and always responded to my emails very quickly. The teams she had in place to come in did a FANTASTIC job and were extremely friendly and professional.

I couldn’t suggest a better company to go through. They are really top notch!”

– Emily G., Walnut Creek, CA

“The 3 ladies sent to clean my house got there before I did and were waiting on my porch. I’m not sure how long they were there but I got home 15 min before my appointment and felt terrible. (And slightly annoyed to be honest). However, the ladies were polite, and very efficient!! They took a quick look around and got right to work. I went out on the porch as we have dogs and I wanted to not be in the way.

When we came back in, the house was spotless. They did a wonderful job with the stove, appliances and dust. I live in an old home and there are tons of dust bunnies and I just can’t seem to keep up with them. These girls got almost every nook and cranny- left a few odd cobwebs, but overall it was good.

Overall I am feeling good about getting the house cleaned, and while I will probably ask for a different team next time, I will be scheduling another appointment.”

– Sarah J., Pittsburg, CA

“I have never had someone else clean my house but after I broke my foot, I just couldn’t keep up with the house work. I spoke with Laura at The Clean Sweep and she was very understanding and found someone to come the very next day.

The woman who came, Paula, was prompt, friendly, and thorough. I don’t have anything to compare the service to, but I was very happy with the result.”

– Emily B., Pleasant Hill, CA

“I am a regular user of Clean Sweep and was recently rewarded when Mary Ann was able to get a cleaning crew in quickly to help with a relative’s house.

It was an “emergency” situation and Mary Ann got a crew in who got the job done and the job done well. Thanks Clean Sweep!”

– Anne G., Danville, CA

“I found Clean Sweep on Yelp several months ago, with only 1 review, I was optimistic but cautious.

We scheduled monthly cleaning and they’ve been out twice. They’ve done a great job both times. 3 ladies come out and clean our townhouse in just over an hour.

Some things that come to mind when I think of Clean Sweep are: professional (office and field staff), friendly, effective, and timely. I would highly recommend them.”

– EJ N., Walnut Creek, CA

“Excellent job!! Far exceeded my expectations. I had never used a housecleaning service before, but I found myself overwhelmed when we bought a home and I was faced with the task of packing up the old house and cleaning the new house.

My friends suggested I hire a cleaning service and I thought it would be way too expensive. I went to Yelp and selected The Clean Sweep based on their positive reviews and I wasn’t disappointed.

They cleaned everything from ceiling fans to inside the cabinets. They even cleaned the garage. The best part was the price was so reasonable, considering that they cleaned up a 6 bedroom- 4 bath house. I wish I had called sooner because I ended up taking a couple of days off of work before I called and that cost me much more than what I ended up paying even with tip included.

I will definitely use this company again and would recommend it to my friends and family. I worked with Marianne who was very nice and accommodated me with getting a team put together quickly, and Joel who was the supervisor of the team.

The wonderful ladies who did the cleaning came on time (they were even a few minutes early) and got started immediately. They were hard workers and they paid attention to the smallest detail, cleaning places I wouldn’t have thought of (vents, and ceiling fans.) They even used a special chemical to remove the hard water deposits on the clear shower doors. I am going to book them to clean our old house when we move out.”

– Jean B., Martinez, CA

“I called for a move-out cleaning with a focus on kitchen and floors. I needed an appointment for the next day and they pulled though. I later returned after the cleaning and found a totally clean and spotless kitchen, not to mention the floors.

They brought their own equipment and did such a wonderful job. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

– Krista L., Lafayette, CA

“We are very happy with the Clean Sweep. They match your needs with a great team of housecleaners and even sent us a dog-friendly crew who didn’t mind working around our lively 60 pound puppy, who wanted to play.”

– Ellen R., San Ramon, CA

“I called Clean Sweep 2 days before I was having a dinner party and having no time to clean my home. Being 2 days before New Years, I was worried that there would be little availability of teams to do the job.

But Laura (I think that was her name) found a great team and did a FANTASTIC job in the 2 hours they were there. They listed to my needs and exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be using them again!”

– Anne W., Concord, CA

“Exceptional, reasonably-priced service from sweet staff. The team that comes in is very thoughtful and thorough — especially considering I have to work from home and occasionally have the little ones at the house during the process.

Staff can bring their own equipment or use yours — especially great if you have specific allergies or product sensitivities.

A consistent team will be matched for schedule and size of service. Initial visits are typically longer, but they honestly determine if not as much time is actually needed.

An extra star for schedule, and targeted cleaning flexibility. Our team is absolutely great!”

– Tanya P., Lafayette, CA

“I used a couple of the “other” services and had so many issues with their service, from broken household items, minor dry wall damage and electrical outlets that were loosening from yanking of the vacuum cord. When I called to express concern over these items, I felt as though I was getting the brush off. I was so frustrated, I cancelled service altogether for a few months until my neighbor mentioned the clean sweep and how happy he was with their service.

I called them a bit skeptic given my experience and thinking that they are all the same. Well…I was proven wrong.

Firstly, the “other” company charged me an initial fee of $300 to clean the house for the first time (1400 square feet!). I keep a tidy home and couldn’t understand why so much, they said it was a thorough first time deep cleaning so that the cleaners can keep it up after that. I didn’t feel as though it was a deep cleaning after it was done. However, the folks at Clean Sweep charged me the usual amount for each visit and their first “regular” cleaning surpassed the work of the “other” company’s $300 cleaning.

Whenever I have a special request (windows, etc) or an area of the house I want them to focus on, I leave a note. When I return home, there’s a check mark next to the item on the note and it’s done wonderfully. My house smells clean and LOOKS amazing. My carpet needs replacing as it’s older but after they are done vacuuming, the carpet looks so much better. I honestly don’t know what they do, since they use my vacuum and I can’t get it that nice looking when I vacuum.

Oh and let me tell you about the shower door – spotless!

I have pets and have had no issues whatsoever. If anything the pets get extra treats from my cleaners.

I will never ever again use the “other” companies again while Clean Sweep is around.”

– Delia S., Pleasant Hill, CA

“I have been using their services for about six months now. So far I like them. I am not sure why one of the reviewers had impression that they were rude over the phone. I agree, the ladies don’t talk in a plastic corporate manner, but they are definitely friendly, know their business, and always try to accommodate requests.

Please note that the teams that will be cleaning your house are not The Clean Sweep’s employees. The Clean Sweep acts as agency that finds a cleaning staff for you and arrange logistics of the whole process but is not responsible for those teams.
I have tried two or three teams so far. I have to point at some spots here and there from time to time, but overall their job is in the range between “good” and “very good.”

The only unpleasant moment was when one of the teams tried to push me into dealing with them directly behind The Clean Sweep’s back during my very first meeting with them.”

– Luba R., Walnut Creek, CA

“I have used The Clean Sweep for years. They are incredibly reliable, do fantastic work and are available for service at a moments notice…and often times that is all I have given them is a moments notice!

Each time they come for a cleaning service, they do a great job. Their teams are courteous and polite. Their work is thorough and they are able to accommodate any special requests I might have on a particular service.

The Clean Sweep is reasonably priced. I have recommended them to friends and family and will continue to do so.”

– Angela H., San Ramon, CA

“I have been using this company off and on for over a year. I am very enthusiastic to recommend them. They have always been very responsive in dealing with any issue that has occurred. I admit at first when they sent me a cleaning team, that team and our family did not meet eye to eye in what was needed in the cleaning of our home.

However, when I called them and explained how we were not on the same page, they were very quick to recommend another team (who are AMAZING!) and do everything within their power to provide me with something quite rare, good customer service.

When we found ourselves in a situation where we had to change the frequency of time that team came to provide service they were very understanding and willing to work within our financial needs.

We have used them for moving out cleaning as well as bi-monthly and as little as monthly cleaning. For every service we have used them for it has been worth every penny. I have recommended them to friends as well who have also been very satisfied with their service.

This company provided us with service that is rare in this day and age, service in which they are willing to work with a customer as well as do everything within their power to accommodate that customer.

As a customer, I will continue to use this company as long as we are living in the area and will recommend them as often as possible.”

– Vanessa F.

“I can’t say enough great things about The Clean Sweep Housekeeping – super friendly, professional, and the rates are very reasonable!

The cleaning service that was recommended to us did a fantastic job (my dad’s somewhat of a perfectionist and even he was impressed when he saw the end result), and wouldn’t rest until we were completely happy. I’d definitely recommend them if you want a job well done!”

– Jim S.

“Very thorough and friendly. We used the Clean Sweep housekeeping to do our move out cleaning and they did a great job. Quite reasonable on price as well.”

– Eric F., Martinez, CA

“I’ve been using The Clean Sweep housekeeping service since 1999 and I highly recommend their services. The office staff helps each client select the best cleaning team for their individual needs and schedules appointments based on what works best for the client( not to mention they are unbelievably friendly and accommodating!).

I have used 2 different cleaning teams and both were extremely efficient, reliable and trustworthy. They even provide “extra”services I haven’t asked for like organizing the pantry and/or sweeping the porch. As an added bonus, you can opt for “basic” cleaning or “Spring cleaning’ for those times when you’ve reeeaaaallly let yourself go!”

– Julie H., San Ramon, CA

“I have to say that I am a big fan of Clean Sweep! I live in Southern California.  My college age son and three of his friends moved into an apartment Labor Day weekend. I called several cleaning services and no one was available.

I called Clean Sweep and spoke with Rosario who said she would try to arrange a cleaning team for Monday which was the holiday. She called me within an hour to say she had a team that was available. I won’t go into all the details but the apartment was in terrible shape. It had not been properly cleaned in years and the two bathrooms were in terrible shape.

Four hours later the apartment looked amazing and actually smelled clean.  I can’t say enough good things about this company!”

– Maureen M., Claremont, CA

“Finally! Someone who listens to MY needs. I’ve used Everyone in the book – they’re the best!”

-Marylou F., San Ramon, CA

“I’ve used The Clean Sweep for many years and absolutely love them. The office staff is always friendly and flexible. My housekeepers are thorough and consistent.

They also spoil my dog; he looks forward to their visits. Dogs always know the good from the bad!”

– Erin D., Lafayette, CA

“This company is great to work with. Over the years they have helped me with every two week service plus almost any other household service I need. Windows, carpet cleaning, party serving.

I have had it all and received outstanding service for all jobs. It’s so great to be able to make just one phone call and know they will take care of my needs. They have never let me down. Try The Clean Sweep, you will love them!”

– Joanne B., Lafayette, CA

“Amazing. Very well put together; they know what they are doing and do it very well. 5 stars!!”

– W. Foxworthy, Concord, CA

“We love [our housekeepers]. Not only do they do a very nice job of cleaning—that’s to be expected—but they have such a great *attitude*.

If I ask for something extra to be done or I point out something that was missed the last time, their response is always a cheerful, “No problem.” That is so nice!! I can’t say enough good things about them.”

– Serena D., Blackhawk, CA

“I can’t say enough great things about The Clean Sweep Housekeeping – super friendly, professional, and the rates are very reasonable! The cleaner that were recommended to us did a fantastic job (my dad’s somewhat of a perfectionist and even he was impressed when he saw the end result), and wouldn’t rest until we were completely happy. I’d definitely recommend them if you want a job well done.”

– Jim C., San Fernando, CA

“I’ll go without eating before I give up my Clean Sweep service!!”

– Yvonne

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